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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Behaving Like Salmon. Why we paddle upriver.

Some say we are foolish. Some think we work way to hard for way to little. Some even say its not Sea Kayaking. But the proud few who commit the time and learn these skills, well they realize that all the sea kayak adventure that they have been looking for is right there in their own back yard. This post if for them and for those who may be sceptics of up river sea kayaking. Its time to give it a serious look.

Up River Sea Kayaking, is not only a physical workout, its great training for boat control,surfing, endurance, and style. Ever wonder why Penguin Paddlers seems to progress so quickly? Well ask one of us, I'm sure many of us will tell you that our seat time on the river made us the paddler we are today. The following link is to a article written about Up River Sea Kayaking in Redding. The author does a much more eloquent job describing the epicness of it way better than I ever could, so instead of trying to reword it, I'm just going to re post it. Enjoy.

P.S. In Rocklin check to see when our next upriver paddle is heading out. In Redding check to see the next time you can join them on the river.

A short upriver kayaking video.

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